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    Yalgaar Rap Song CarryMinati

    CarryMinati, is a famous youtuber , It has 20 M , plus subscribers, some days before, its challange to, tiktok follower, because he is upload, a YouTube vs tiktok, but , It was deleted from YouTube, very sad, after all CarryMinati, attack on tiktok from rap song,  "YALGAAR" .

    This song is Trend No 1 on YouTube. 

    CarryMinati says in songs, that if you have hand then I am line, of your hand. 

    a new twist, in youtube vs tiktok controversy. Famous YouTuber , Carry Minati, has targeted opponents, by releasing, her new rap song Yalgar. Carrie's fans, are very fond of this song.

    India's famous,  and popular YouTuber, Carrie Minati , has been in the, news for quite ,some time. Cari Minati aka, Ajay Nagar has been, in the news ever, since the controversy, of YouTube Versus, Ticketcock started. The controversy erupted, when, Carrie Minati, put a video on, YouTube Versus Ticketcock. However, this, video was later removed ,by YouTube. After this, a large number, of people also, targeted Cari Minati.

    Now Carrie has, responded to her , opponents with, a new rap song. This new rap song, by Carrie Minati, is titled 'Yalgar'. The rap song begins, with Carrie's famous, signature dialogue 'To kaise hain aplog'. Carrie has tried , to put all her , emotion in the song on the ,previous contest ,and also mentioned ,every single incident. Views of this song ,released a day earlier have , gone above one crore. See also, Carrie Minati's Rap Song:

    Let me tell, you that, Carrie Minati, also targeted famous, Tiktok star ,Aamir Siddiqui, and after that, people got divided, into YouTube, and Tiktok camps. Carrie's song, will surely excite, her fans. Now, it will be interesting, to see what the, answer comes from, the Ticketock camp.

    Video is below

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